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Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to star in sketch comedy special

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are not only partners on the court, but off the court as well.


Blake Griffin shows off against the Nuggets in preseason action.

Flagrant foul by Trevor Booker on Blake Griffin, who later addresses thoughts about retaliation with ESPN LA

“I was going to but then I thought its preseason,” Griffin said when asked about retaliating. “It’s not worth it, that’s not the person I want to waste it on.”

When Griffin was asked if he feels close to retaliating if the hard fouls continue, he said, “Yeah, probably. I’m not going to do it for no reason or if it’s not warranted and I didn’t feel that was.” …

“You don’t ever want him to do anything but he gets hit with more cheap shots than anybody in the league,” Rivers said. “I don’t even think it’s close.”


This week’s cover: Microsoft’s ex-CEO now owns the NBA’s most expensive team. Here’s his game plan for the Los Angeles Clippers

If you’re wondering how a known racist can own an NBA team without anyone batting an eye, first ask yourself how the owner of an NBA team can scream at his team’s best player in front of thousands of people and hundreds of cameras without anyone even caring.

                                             - Blake Griffin

Great post at ThePlayersTribune  (site founded by Derek Jeter) about Donald Sterling and Clippers’ new ownership

Podium game proper.


Clippers locker room after their Game 7 win against the Warriors. Doc Rivers was crucial for this team throughout these past few weeks and everything they’ve gone through. His leadership carried these guys into a meeting with the Oklahoma City Thunder starting next week! 

Real recognize real - Jamal Crawford and Draymond Green respect tweets:

A little tired of this Warriors-Clippers HATE EACH OTHER narrative despite reports of another an altercation after Game 7. It’s good to see players show mutual appreciation.