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From Marc Spears' story: 

Meldman, who was wearing a yellow “We are Warriors” shirt, wasn’t sure if Griffin intentionally tried to douse him. The Clippers gave him a towel to dry off.


"Honestly, I think it fell out of his hand," Meldman said. "He fouled out and he was frustrated, so it just fell out of his hand. It just slipped out. "It may or may not be on purpose." 

Meldman’s reaction when the water hit him: ” ‘Bro, c’mon. I’m trying to watch the game.’"

Griffin said he didn’t try to get Meldman wet. “I didn’t know what I did, but it wasn’t full,” Griffin said. "I apologize. It was water."

Meldman’s friend, Justin Wolf, who was seated next to him, thought Griffin knew exactly what he was doing. “I thought it was intentional,” Wolf said. “He tends to do a little [expletive] during games, and he might have been pissed off on what [Warriors guard] Klay [Thompson] said.”

Before the start of the series, Thompson called Griffin a “bull in a china shop,” and said he plays “a little out of control.” Griffin lived up to that assessment in Game 1. He was productive when he was on the court, scoring 16 points in the 19 minutes, but couldn’t stay on the floor long enough because of foul trouble.

I just need this on my dashboard again

I just need this on my dashboard again

Just a lot of stupid offensive mistakes. Now I’m certain this is going to be a seven game series.


Steph Curry joins Chris/Cliff Paul, in the newest State Farm commercial..

Deandre Jordan for McDavid USA

Lil Chris helps his dad practice his shot after the Clippers beat the Warriors

Blake Griffin and Reggie Bush (3.12.14)

Deandre Jordan’s pre-game hoop leg lifts  [x]